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Some Kid Friendly Indian Dishes

Some Kid Friendly Indian Dishes

Indian cuisine is so vast and varied and is known for its bold spices and combination of aromas. Many people usually kids miss out on many mouthwatering Indian dishes as they think it be too spicy. There are a plenty of mild options to choose from. Here, we have brought for you some dishes that you may try out if you are with your kids.


This is probably the best known Indian Starter. It is a type of type of baked pastry with savoury fillings in a triangle shape. The fillings may include potatoes, onions and peas and minced meat. It is sometimes served with a chutney sauce.


The Biryani is a staple food of Indian cuisine and is a welcome addition to tables and menus here in the UK.

The Biryani is made by layering both cooked rice and meats or with raw ingredients. A layer of yoghurt is often poured onto the bottom of the dish, with the first layer of rice (Basmati), placed on top of it and layered upwards from there, with vegetables or meats as the case may be.  A tight seal (often wheat dough) is used for sealing the container used for cooking for steaming the ingredients correctly and to ensure that the moisture and the aromas are intact, when it is served to you at your table.


Korma is originally from the area around the Nilgiri mountain range where herbs and spices grow in abundance. It is a very mild dish cooked in a thick creamy sauce, coconut and almond powder, coconut milk and saffron. Although, chicken korma is the most popular dish, it can also be made with vegetables, lamb, and prawns too.

Chana Masala

This is a North Indian dish that is popular with people from all ages. This classic Indian recipe is a favorite in most Indian restaurants in the UK. In this dish, chickpeas are slow-simmered in a delicious blend of onions, tomatoes, and aromatic spices. It is relished best with naan, roti, or your favorite rice.

At Eltham Yeti Restaurant, we have a wide selection of dishes perfect for all individual tastes and age groups. It is all delicious and is available in our restaurant for dining, takeaway and home delivery. If you are looking to try these dishes, stop by 86 Eltham High Street, Eltham.

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