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Indian Curries to Try Out

Indian Curries to Try Out

Although many people are interested in exploring Indian curries, but they are not familiar with them. You can order the heat level of Indian curries as hot, mild, or something in between. Here, we have put together some of the curries that you may give a try.


It is mixture of both Chinese and Indian cooking techniques. This medium-hot Indian dish is usually cooked with tomatoes, onions, peppers and fresh green chillies with chicken or lamb.


It originates from the Southern Indian city of the same name. It is a fairly hot curry and can be made with a huge variety of meats or vegetables, and features the typical flavours of Southern India that includes coconut, coriander, black pepper and curry leaves.

Rogan Josh

It is popular in the Kashmir region of India and involves cooking meat (generally lamb) in a gravy of yoghurt, onions, ginger, garlic and various spices, with its rich red colour coming from dried kashmiri chillies.


It is a medium-hot dry curry originating in Bengal, prepared typically by frying meat with spices at a high temperature to enhance their flavour. It is traditionally fairly dry with a thick sauce. 


A balti, is a type of curry served in a thin, pressed-steel pot called a "balti". It is a fairly dry curry, with the ingredients cooked together quickly over a high heat, much like a stir fry. 

Our selection of dishes is all delicious and is available in our restaurant for dining, takeaway and home delivery. If you are looking to try these dishes, stop by 86 Eltham High Street, Eltham.

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