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Eltham Yeti Signature Dishes

Eltham Yeti Signature Dishes

By Rhea Kandel


Starting with my personal favourite, Momo. It is thought to be was initially popular among the Mewar community of Kathmandu valley in Nepal, and is found in street food stalls all over the country today. Momo is a handmade dumpling bursting with flavour and spices. There is a lamb or vegetable option, and both are steam cooked. They take around 20 minutes to cook due to the fresh dumplings. It is served with the chef’s spicy tomato sauce, and a must have!  There is no other place that serves momo in Eltham, so now is your chance to try a traditional Nepalese street food specialty!

Nepalese Thali/Veg/Non Veg

A traditional set meal, made up of a selection of set dishes. Each Thali is served with Zimbu Daal, Saag Aloo, a choice of meat non vegetarian option, and seasonal fresh vegetables along with Saffron Pilau Rice. Tangy and spicy Nepalese pickle is given to compliment the aromatic blend of spices in the Thali. This is sure to satisfy your taste buds if you can’t decide what to order, as there is a bit of everything.

Jhaneko Masu

A modern adaptation of 'Cholia', a typical Newari dish.  Grilled lamb marinated with ginger, garlic, onions, crushed chillies, capsicums and fenugreek seeds with a hint of lemon are used instead of the traditional buffalo meat for a tenderer tasting dish.

Timur Piro Chicken

Timur is a Nepalese pepper, used in traditional cooking in Nepal.  Made from the Timur berry found in the Himalayan mountains, the distinctive taste will linger and tingle on your tongue as the flavour deepens over time. A spicy sauce is mixed with the Timur, so if you enjoy a bit of spice, this is the dish for you!

Zimbu Chicken

Zimbu formally known as Jimbu is another herb with medicinal benefits originating in the Himalayas. It has a taste in between onion and chives. It is most commonly used to flavour lentils, so for a herby twist with medium spice, try the succulent chicken breast cooked in traditional Nepalese style.

Zimbu Daal Lasuni

Zimbu is also known as the Himalayan garlic leaf and is used as the perfect side dish to accompany your meal. It is similar to Tarka Daal, but with a richer, deeper flavour.

Holy Basil Vegetables

This dish varies over the year depending on the vegetables in season. The vegetables are stir fried with onions, a range of peppers and ginger, and then coated with Himalayan herbs and spices. Fresh basil leaves known as Tulsi are added to the vegetables, a popular ingredient in South Asia and Tibet.



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