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A Guide to Indian Side Dishes

A Guide to Indian Side Dishes

As an Indian Restaurant which has unsurpassed in quality and environment by any other restaurant in Eltham, we know that a meal at an Indian restaurant is a big affair including starters, curries and side dishes that complement the main meals, creating a diverse dining experience. Here, we have put together some of the side dishes that you may give a try.


Bread is one of the most common side dishes that people choose for their curry. It can fit any main dish of your choice. Naan is a leavened north Indian flatbread, which is traditionally baked by slapping the bread dough onto the side of a hot dome shaped clay oven referred to as a tandoor. Naan can also be flavored with garlic or black pepper for an extra kick. There are also other varieties of Naan available, stuffed Naan being very popular. Options include Naan stuffed with minced meat (keema), cheese, raisins and pistachios.


Papadoms no doubt are a classic and favourite among the fans of Indian cuisine. They are the perfect accompaniment to a curry. It is the perfect thing to munch on as you wait for the main meal to arrive at your table.


While a few might choose to eat curry with Steamed Rice, others may prefer a full taste experience and may opt for more flavoursome rice dishes. There is of course the Pilau Rice; cooked in a mix of saffron and brown onions. There is also Coconut Rice, Mushroom Rice and Special Fried Rice. Whatever choice of rice, we guarantee that they match perfectly with any curry for the full taste explosion.

Chutney And Sauce

Mango chutney is a sweet and delectable dip for any Naan or Papadoms. Lime Pickle, Mint Sauce, Onion Salad and Tamarind Chutney are also common accompaniments and each brings their own special flavour to the table.

At Eltham Yeti Restaurant, we have a range of delicious Indian delicacies as well as other surprises. Get in touch by contacting us on 020 8859 1832 or book a table. Stop by 86 Eltham High Street, Eltham to try these Indian delicacies.

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